5 Key Reasons That Lead To High Cart Abandonment Rate! Use Chatbots for The Best Solution!

While coming across the Sales Cycle 2018 report, the global shopping cart abandonment rate is around 75%. However, over time and with the advancement of AI technologies, a 20-30% reduction in rate is overserved. Thanks to the AI-powered live chatbot for website, customers hardly waste time placing any order online and witness a seamless, positive shopping experience.

We know how the bots on ecommerce sites are driving high sales and how the RPA solutions are enhancing the ecommerce business workflow. But do you know the specific reasons that lead to a high cart abandonment rate in your ecommerce business?

Let us have a look.

5 Strong reasons that lead to a high cart abandonment rate

  1. Expensive shipping charge: One of the prime causes that lead to cart abandonment is a high shipping charge. Many ecommerce brands demand high charges for a small parcel, while some believe in keeping free shipping for all their customers. It is obvious that people will rely more on the second than the first.

    Solution: To overcome this problem, you can introduce chatbots that can offer discounts or free shipping coupons to customers or potential buyers.

  2. More and more research: Many potential buyers prefer to have more and more research before making an ideal purchase. It is good in terms of customer point of view. But if you think about your business, your customers prefer browsing more when they aren’t satisfied with the products offered at the online store.

    Solution: Here, you can use a live chatbot for website to guide the buyers and provide them with a seamless shopping experience. The customers can share their queries online and get an immediate solution, solving their purpose.

  3. Limited shipping options: Next reason that leads to a high cart abandonment rate is limited shipping options. To engage your customers with the brand, keeping multiple shipping options is necessary.

    Solution: Integrate the ecommerce belt with chatbots. The bots can start a human-like conversation with the buyers, provide accurate answers to the predefined questions, and talk about multiple shipping options. It offers 24/7 digital support to buyers.

  4. Complicated checkout process: No buyer loves to get involved with a complicated checkout process. Even if the product is impressive, the buyer steps back from completing the checkout process. They usually look for procedures that are effortless and cause zero headaches to the buyer.

    Solution: Chatbots are the best way to streamline the checkout process. Besides handling customer queries and offering product suggestions, the bots are even effective in minimalizing the number of checkout steps.

  5. Poor navigation: No matter how exclusive the products are at your online store, poor navigation and poor user-friendly interface will make all your efforts in vain. Many customers even complain about the site while searching for their products.

    Solution: Chatbots can eliminate the navigation process by offering product recommendations and register-free browsing options.

Chatbots are the ultimate solution

Ecommerce brands are shaping their businesses with chatbots and RPA applications like employee management systems. A recent study has shown that digital transformation has led to a 71% reduction in time consumption. Even it contributes a lot to the reduction in cost consumption.

Adopt the new tools and redesign your ecommerce brand with automation and artificial intelligence.

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