Importance Of Voice & Non-Voice Process In BPOs

The importance of BPO services is in itself undeniable to some of the business sectors and industries. A BPO Company helps in fulfilling all the operations that the business was unable to perform on its own. Other than that, many companies hire BPOs for a stipulated period of time just to handle a project.

BPOs offer flexibility in its services and stability to the business. This is why the importance of a BPO Company can never be ignored. Their sole purpose is to provide for the needs of business enterprises. BPOs are designed in a way that is catered for businesses and industries alike.

Importance Of Voice & Non-Voice Process In BPOs

There can be different types of business sectors and the same goes for industries. They each require individual monitoring of services to reach their full potential. This is why BPOs are also made to possess the same diversity.

Types of BPO Service that are Available

To understand how a BPO provides its services across such a diverse backdrop, we need to first know the different types of BPO services that exist. Primarily, there are two types, that is, Inbound and outbound. The basic difference between the two is stated to be in their functioning and approach.

An inbound call center receives calls and serves its duty towards a customer or other clients of the business. Customer Service Outsourcing is often considered to be an inbound service. Whereas, an outbound call center calls potential leads for the companies’ revenue.

Voice & Non-Voice Process

BPO services are often differentiated by Voice Process and Non-Voice Process. However, they can also be integrated among both inbound and outbound call center to reach a certain place. As the name suggests, the voice process refers to any audible communication between the company and the client or lead, and the non-voice process is written or through another way.

Naturally enough, the inbound voice process includes customer service, help desk operations, lead generation, and other such services through phone calls or other audible modes. On the other hand, the inbound non-voice process does the same through written methods like chats or emails. Social media Lead Generation agencies have become popular lately, by businesses, for utilizing the chat facility.

The outbound voice process caters to the business through phone calls or other audible methods. Marketing, advertising, lead generation and nurturing, and sales are done via telephone calls, events, sampling, and other ways to reach out to audiences. The same thing is done through chat, emails, or other methods of communication in the outbound non-voice process.

Benefits Of Integrating Voice & Non-Voice Process Into BPO Services

As we have said before, both the Voice Process and Non-Voice Process can be integrated into any type of BPO service. They both have their individual benefits, however, together they can bring quite the change.

  • Integrating voice process into BPO service will also invoke fast operation and response towards the customer service. For customer services fast reaction is important, and the voice process requires prompt action.
  • Though the Non-voice process is not direct and fast in its operations, yet, it also has its perks. Especially for the lead generation services, the non-voice process can pull in customers that might respond immediately but take their time to respond back.
  • A BPO Company can benefit from both services. Voice and non-voice processes can be used as each other counterparts.

A BPO is a lucrative choice when it comes to outsourcing your functions and saving on some expenses at the time. Besides offering efficiency, a BPO Company also frees you and your internal team for core activities.

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