How To Monitor And Measure Customer Service Experience For Your Business?

Gone are the days when customers used to hop from one store and another to make any kind of purchase or hire any kind of services. Today, with the advancement of digital technology and the rise in the use of mobile devices, shoppers love to shop online. This what makes the competition tighter, allowing businesses to put more focus on customer experience and customer satisfaction. It will be no wrong to conclude that the competitive market has triggered businesses to outsource call center services for a better outcome.

To ensure that the business is offering quality service to the customers and to figure out whether it requires any optimization, monitoring and measuring customer experience is very important. In this article, we will concentrate on how a business can deliver the best possible customer service outsourcing.

How To Monitor And Measure Customer Service Experience For Your Business?

How to monitor and measure customer service experience? Learn the important metrics

  1. Customer Effort Score: Customer Effort Score or CES is defined as the volume of effort a customer needs to put in to attain quality customer service. It also shows the time consumed by a call center agent to deliver the required service to the customers and satisfy them at their convenience.

In other words, CES is a score that determines the time taken to resolve a query. The lesser is the time, the greater will be the experience. You can simply run a survey and ask your customers about the effort they need to put in to solve their issue or get a response for their query. This will help you to understand the customer support service offered by your agents and determine whether you need to optimize the inbound call center service.

  1. Repeat Customer Rate: Repeat customer rate is measured as a ratio of the total number of customers who have purchased multiple times to the total number of customers. This metric determines the volume of customers who have found the business reliable and prefer to shop over and over again.

Business, regardless of the industry type, is often worried about customer retention. Quite obvious, isn’t it? If you are spending money on a business, you are looking forward to attaining new customers and hold back the existing ones. Both go hand to hand. Hence, evaluating the repeat customer rate predicts the lifeline of the business, whether it will be able to stay afloat in the near future or not.

The theory says, the more the customers are repeated, the better the business attains high revenue. If a business fails to acquire repeated customers, it fails to gain constant growth in its sales. This is when they rely more on extended call center services.

  1. Customer Lifetime Value: Do you know repeat customers have a significant role to play in increasing the customer lifetime value? When a customer relies on a business and its customer service, he returns back to the platform to make multiple purchases. Besides, he even recommends others to value the business and make instant purchases.

All such approaches contribute a lot to the improvement in CLV. As per the report provided by Forrester Research Analyst, Sucharita Mulpuru upsells and cross-sells product recommendations increase the business revenue by 30%. Ecommerce businesses are much more influenced by these moves.

To make sure that your customers appear to the business repeatedly, you need to have proper customer service outsourcing. The better the customer experience, the better will be their impact on business.

  1. Conversion Rate: This is the most common metric that every business is aware of. It determines the percentage of visitors who are likely to get converted after visiting the website. The rate is calculated as a ratio of the number of customers acquired by a business to the total number of visitors appearing on the website.

Once you have the conversion ratio, you can analyze the customer behavior towards your site and make necessary optimizations to your customer service accordingly. One important factor that affects the conversion rate is the cart abandonment rate.

Maximum times in ecommerce business you may find that people are moving multiple items in their cart, but leaving the site without making any purchase. Such issues along with unfriendly user interface, shipping costs, lack of payment options, lack of solved queries, etc. negatively influence the overall conversion rate.

The Bottom Line

No matter how competitive your business is, if your customer support service excels others, you can easily attain a stand-out position in the market. Hence the need to monitoring and measuring the customer experience and determining the customer satisfaction level.

The above-mentioned metrics are enough to picture the quality of customer support services offered to the clients along with their experiences. An outbound or inbound call center has its own set of strategies to deliver quality services to the customers. You need to learn about the strategy of the concerned call center services provider to attain appropriate support.

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