5 Key Reasons That Lead To High Cart Abandonment Rate! Use Chatbots for The Best Solution!

While coming across the Sales Cycle 2018 report, the global shopping cart abandonment rate is around 75%. However, over time and with the advancement of AI technologies, a 20-30% reduction in rate is overserved. Thanks to the AI-powered live chatbot for website, customers hardly waste time placing any order online and witness a seamless, positive shopping experience. Continue reading “5 Key Reasons That Lead To High Cart Abandonment Rate! Use Chatbots for The Best Solution!”


Why Is FAQ Software Rewarding For Small Businesses?

FAQ software is rewarding for every small business – Do you agree or not?

Many small-scale brands and startups are hesitating to integrate this software solution and add a new dimension to their business. However, the statistics have proven that these FAQ bots are capable of driving better customer experience to the business. Continue reading “Why Is FAQ Software Rewarding For Small Businesses?”


What Can Healthcare Payer Customer Service Tell You About the Call Center Quality?

While these are frequently overlooked, the medicare call center best practices can make or break your organization’s core principle. If you’ve been in the market for outsourcing healthcare payer customer service, you must have come across articles and blogs mentioning the best practices these firms run. Continue reading “What Can Healthcare Payer Customer Service Tell You About the Call Center Quality?”


Consumer Packaged Goods Industry and Customer Management Service

Consumers prefer purchasing goods online rather than the traditional way. Moreover, the market is pretty flexible, and one can quickly go for a purchase without any hassle. As ecommerce business evolves, customer management becomes the key to business growth. Moreover, your customer has expectations, especially when it comes to purchasing products online. As a result, more consumer packaged goods companies are not partnering with consumer packaged goods BPO services. Continue reading “Consumer Packaged Goods Industry and Customer Management Service”


Best Practices Every Ecommerce Call Center Needs To Run

Technology is undoubtedly an integral part of our lives. Moreover, these days, customers are venturing with ecommerce call centers to ensure a seamless business experience. Therefore, be it solving an issue, getting the correct answer, or purchasing something, customers turn to their device for instant gratification. Moreover, with the help of ecommerce customer service, your business can boom. In 2019 alone, there were 263 million digital buyers in the United States. Continue reading “Best Practices Every Ecommerce Call Center Needs To Run”


Roles of Healthcare BPO Companies in The Changing Healthcare Sector

The market growth for healthcare BPO is likely to increase by 11% annually until 2027, and there will be a rising need for healthcare organizations to outsource their non-core functions to focus on core business. This growth is contributed by different segments such as pharma, biochemical plants, medical device manufacturers and sellers, medical insurance companies, health and wellness product sellers and eCommerce businesses other than hospitals and clinics. Continue reading “Roles of Healthcare BPO Companies in The Changing Healthcare Sector”


Stop Feeling Anxious About Your Healthcare Business By Hiring a BPO Provider

While anxiety is a part of our life, we must learn to suppress it. If you are a healthcare business, it is obvious to feel uncomfortable because it is high-stress and needs complete focus. The day-to-day operations can be overwhelming. It also reduces performance in the core areas like patient care which leads to unexplainable delays. By outsourcing to healthcare BPO companies, you take the stress away from your shoulders. Continue reading “Stop Feeling Anxious About Your Healthcare Business By Hiring a BPO Provider”


How Customer Service Outsourcing Companies Ensure Uninterrupted Service Delivery

Post COVID-19, the ways of doing business and generating sales have changed drastically, alongside customer buying behavior. Without losing on excellent customer service, customer service companies provide a range of BPO services and telemarketing support to their clients. They have a mix of skilled agents with advanced technology that makes delivering sales support and running marketing campaigns so easy.

How Customer Service Outsourcing Companies Ensure Uninterrupted Service Delivery

Many outsourcing firms diversified their roles to sustain themselves and ensure business continuity during the COVID-19 crisis.

State-of-the-art infrastructure

Have you ever wondered how much expense goes into setting up and running a call center? Even if you have the required office space, it takes a lot more than that. There are tons of expenses.

For offshore or near-shore locations, the costs are even higher. So, why not rely on outsourcing service providers that vows to deliver top-notch services, high-quality leads, and the best customer service with cultural know-how.

A sudden surge in call volumes are handled easily

Industries like Utility, Financial Services, Ecommerce, Healthcare and Pharmacy have experienced a surge in call volume due to uncertainties and chaos created by the crisis. Staff is scarce, funds and time. It is better to trust a reliable third party to take care of call volume ups and downs in such situations.

Employment laws in the USA are pretty stringent. So, hiring and firing employees is not easy on short notice. Besides, misconduct can cause you poor ratings and online reviews by your ex-employees. Why face so many hassles when you can make things easier by hiring ISO certified and well-recognized customer service outsourcing companies.

Experienced agents often go beyond scripts to generate high-quality leads

Most telemarketing agents follow the script and lack the spontaneity to customize the script as and when required. Hiring a call center ensures that you get skilled agents who understand British culture better and know how to optimize the script without going wrong. They have the expertise to handle activities of all sorts like inbound and outbound voice campaigns, customer service, appointment booking, contact tracing, debt collection, IT help desk, etc. Customer service outsourcing companies have all the necessary technologies in place to run the processes smoothly.

Final Words

Acquiring a new business or customer is not easy today. Businesses lack the persistence and time to put more effort and work differently to attract more leads. Thus, outsourcing is a highly viable option for boosting sales and providing better customer satisfaction.


How AI Chatbots Are Triggering Healthcare Innovations?

Emerging trends like seamless customer service demand and instant healthcare service have stimulated healthcare institutions to introduce newly launched AI solutions into their system. As per Gartner’s report, 75% of global healthcare brands will be harnessing the power of AI by the end of the year 2021. Continue reading “How AI Chatbots Are Triggering Healthcare Innovations?”